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I’m an experienced creative leader specializing in digital storytelling through copy and branded content. Over my career, I’ve worked in agencies, start-ups and directly with clients to deliver strategic creative ideas and measurable results. 

I’m comfortable with any type of client or media, having worked in B2B, B2C, digital, traditional and promotional agencies. I believe in customer-first thinking, simple and clear messaging, and positive work environments.


Denver Center for the Performing Arts

As an agency partner, I led the DCPA through its first rebranding effort in more than 30 years. Our process included defining their purpose, identifying customer personas, consolidating business units, unifying visual and verbal brand styles, and shifting to a “customer-first” approach in strategy and execution.

As the Director of Creative Services at DCPA, I oversaw the initial rollout of the new brand across the organization, as well as continuing improvements based on results and/or strategic shifts. I directly manage a team of eleven that creates all customer-facing communications for the organization. 


Faction Media

Built in-house copywriting and content marketing practice at digitally-focused B2B agency. Responsible for department planning, hiring, client service, new business development, creative strategy and product quality. Clients included CSC, Avaya, Johns Manville and Ping Identity.


Video on Vimeo

Collection of recent broadcast spots and videos promoting DCPA productions. Collaborated with in-house video producer and third party vendor (Cinevative) to reimagine how regional theatre productions can be advertised.

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McClain Finlon Digital Reboot

Hired to restore digital strategy and creative capabilities to traditional print/broadcast agency. Participated in collaborative and independent client pitches, supported online display campaigns and microsites, and built a team capable of serving existing and new clients.

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Select Work 2000 - 2010

Worked in a music start up and digital agencies before, during and after the great tech bubble. Also freelanced for two years during the great recession (I sense an economic pattern). Here are some highlights in no particular order.

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