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From LinkedIn

"Rob has changed our organization forever. He has put forth a defendable and inspiring brand that catalyzed a new way of doing business, which is now leading our industry. The results have been remarkable with increased revenue, deeper customer engagement and a purpose based culture. He continuously improves our organization by advocating strategic improvements that are beyond his role as Creative Director."

Jennifer Nealson

Chief Marketing Officer
Denver Center for the Performing Arts

"A good leader inspires his charges to perform at or above their standard level of performance, and Rob gets that from his team — and from other people's teams as well. People deliver for Rob. That's probably the simplest way to put it. He respects people as individuals. When necessary, he can have frank and honest discussions without a trace of condescension in his delivery. And he happens to be a great teacher."

Dave Flomberg 
Director of Content Strategy


"Rob is one of the most talented strategic and creative individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. He possesses an incredible ability to evaluate and solve complex problems in unique ways. He is a visionary leader whose passion, enthusiasm and pure brilliance never fail to inspire teams to achieve their best and deliver results. If you have the opportunity to work with him you’ll be amazed by what he can accomplish, and I guarantee you’ll have many laughs along the way."

Matt Smolenski
Director of Account Management

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